Fares and Tickets

Fares And Tickets

Price Levels, Range And Prices

Which ticket and price level do I need to reach my destination? How much will it cost? Find the answers to these questions and other useful information about our ticket range and services.

Tickets For Occasional Travellers

EinzelTicket (Single Fare Ticket)

  • Valid in the respective validity area until your desired stop
  • Transfers included (not valid for round and return trips)
  • Also available for short distances

4er Ticket (Trip Ticket)

  • Up to 14% cheaper than the EinzelTicket
  • Valid for four single journeys with any changes within the respective validity area not valid for round or return trips
Maximum validity period
Price levels Validity period
Short trip up to 20 minutes after validation
A up to 90 minutes after validation
B up to 2 hours after validation
C up to 3 hours after validation
D up to 5 hours after validation

TagesTicket (Day Ticket)

TagesTicket: With the new TagesTicket, single passengers or groups of up to five people can travel on the bus and train for the entire day, and up until 3 a.m. the following day.


  • Stamp once, travel for the whole day
  • Come and go as often as you please: freely and flexibly in the specified validity area
  • It’s worth the money from the third journey (in price level D from the second journey)

The Price Levels

The basis for the fare calculation in the region covered by the transport association is the tariff zones, tariff cells and short trip tariffs. As a rule a tariff zone comprises a city or several small cities/communities. Every tariff zone is made up of one or more cells (“Waben”). Every connection within the VRR area is allocated to a price level. In addition to the short trip tariff, there are five price levels A, B, C and D. Children under the age of six always travel free of charge and must always be accompanied. For children aged between six and under 15 the reduced ticket prices shown in the respective price lists apply.

Short trip Tariff

The short trip tariff covering three stops in gerneral. At every stop you are shown which destination stops can be reached with a short trip ticket.

Price level A

generally applies for journeys within a town/city:

A1 in smaller towns and districts

A2 in eleven big towns and cities with good public transport systems

A3 in five bigger cities with particularly efficient and high-quality public transport service

Price level B

In price level B, you can generally reach your neighbouring town/city – or often even further.

Price level C

Price level C covers middle-distance journeys: valid in two neighbouring so-called ‘Zentraltarifgebieten’ (central tariff areas) (equivalent to one city or several smaller towns and districts) and generally in all bordering tariff areas – and sometimes even further.

Price level D

Tickets in price level D are valid in the entire VRR area.