Fares and Tickets

Fares And Tickets

Price Levels, Range And Prices

Which ticket and price level do I need to reach my destination? How much will it cost? Find the answers to these questions and other useful information about our ticket range and services.

Tickets For Occasional Travellers

EinzelTicket (Single Fare Ticket)

  • Valid from point of purchase to desired destination within the ticket validity area
  • Transfers included (not valid for round and return trips)
  • Also available for short trips

4er Ticket (Trip Ticket)

  • Up to 14% cheaper than the EinzelTicket (Single Fare Ticket)
  • Good for four single fares including required transfers within the ticket validity area (not valid for round or return trips)
Maximum validity time
Price levels Period of validity after stamping
Short Trip up to 30 min.
A up to 90 min.
B up to 2 hours
C up to 3 hours
D up to 4 hours
E up to 5 hours

TagesTicket (Day Ticket)

TagesTicket: With the new TagesTicket (Day Ticket), individuals or groups of up to 5 people can travel for a whole day by bus or rail until 3 a.m. on the following day.


  • Stamp once, travel all day
  • Save money by the third trip
  • Travel back and forth as often as you wish: convenient and flexible within the ticket validity area of your choice

The Price Levels

The basis for the fare calculation in the region covered by the transport association is the tariff zones, tariff cells and short trip tariffs. As a rule a tariff zone comprises a city or several small cities/communities. Every tariff zone is made up of one or more cells (“Waben”). Every connection within the VRR area is allocated to a price level. In addition to the short trip tariff, there are five price levels A, B, C, D and E. Children under the age of six always travel free of charge and must always be accompanied. For children aged between six and under 15 the reduced ticket prices shown in the respective price lists apply.

Short Trip Tariff

The short trip Tariff is valid for short distances of up to 1.5 km. In most cities it applies to trips covering three or four stops. At every stop you are shown which destination stops can be reached with a short trip ticket.

Price level A

Price level A applies to trips within a tariff zone. In the cities of Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen and Wuppertal, each of consists of two tariff zones, tickets of price level A are valid for the entire urban area. Moreover, price level A also applies to trips within two neighbouring cells of adjacent tariff zones with a direct transport connection.

In the case of season tickets (monthly and annual season tickets) a distinction is made between the price categories A1 and A2: in 17 cities which offer a particularly good local transport service with numerous lines, short waiting times, NightExpress buses etc. price level A2 applies.

Price level A2 also applies to trips between two neighbouring cells, providing that one of the two cells belongs to a tariff zone of price level A2.

Price level B

In price level B a distinction is made in the validity area according to the type of ticket: in the case of cash tickets, price level B always applies to trips into the neighbouring tariff zone, and as rule to a tariff zone beyond that. In the case of season tickets of price level B, a freely selectable central tariff zone is to be defined. A predefined validity area is allocated to each central tariff zone.

Price level C

Also in price level C there are differences between cash and season tickets: the cash tickets apply to trips across three to four tariff zones, while in the case of season tickets it is required to define two neighbouring central tariff zones. The tickets of price level C then apply in the central tariff zones – which are also freely selectable, but have to be adjacent to one another – and all neighbouring tariff zones.

Price level D

As a rule, price level D applies to trips beyond price level C. This is divided up into two regions:

The North Region applies in all tariff zones of the former Verkehrsgemeinschaft Niederrhein, as well as in all neighbouring VRR tariff zones. The South Region applies in all tariff zones of the former VRR, as well as in all neighbouring tariff zones of the former Verkehrsgemeinschaft Niederrhein.

Price level E

The tickets of price level E apply in the entire VRR area.