Buy tickets

Buy your ticket there and then, at the machine or online. You can buy tickets for your bus and train journeys from approx. 3.800 outlets in the VRR region: at transport companies’ customer centres and points of sale, at private distribution points, from drivers or at any time of day from our automatic ticket machines as well as online in the ticket shops and apps of some transport companies.

In the vehicle/carriage

Passengers must have a valid ticket for the entire trip when entering the train. If not, they must buy one immediately and without prompting. Tickets can always be purchased on buses, whereas in railway operator company vehicles or suburban trains and trams tickets can be purchased from mobile ticket machines or the driver in some vehicles.

You can always buy single, day and additional tickets directly from the train staff in the vehicle. You can find out if other ticket versions are available by referring directly to the transport company which operates the line. The ticket must be stamped before the start of the journey if it has not already been validated upon purchase. You can find validating machines for this on all buses and trams, on train platforms or platform stairs.

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Customer centres & distribution partners

In local VRR area transport companies’ customer centres you can find out about tickets and season tickets and buy, change or sign up to these. You can inquire about timetable information or individual transport company lines in person here. You can find the closest customer centre for your local transport company in the VRR area for different cities/towns on our website.

Some ticket types are available at local sales outlets and private distribution points, i.e. from a kiosk or a lottery sales point. For advice on which ticket to buy or to take out a season ticket please refer to one of Customer centre your local transport companies. You can find the addresses of distribution partners on the websites of your local transport companies.

At automatic machines

You can buy tickets from automatic ticket machines at any time of the day or night. Automatic machines are generally available at all larger stops, especially at stations and public transport interchange points. DB AG ticket machines offers long distance travel tickets as well as local public transport tickets. Mobile ticket machines are available on some trains too.

Please note that some machines issue pre-validated tickets, meaning advance purchases are not possible. Not every ticket type can be purchased at machines and the range of tickets available differs from one machine to another. Since the types of machines used generally vary, it is not possible at this point to provide an overview of how to operate these.

You can find out more about the range of tickets on offer and how to use the machines from the respective transport company that operates the machines (the relevant transport company can be identified by the company logo).

Faulty machines

The company that operates the machines is responsible for the machines, machine faults and refunds. You can identify the relevant company by the company logo on the machine.

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Online: in VRR and transport company apps

You can buy the best ticket for the desired connection directly from the following shops:

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