The ticket with the PLUS

Would you like to be entirely mobile by bus and train on your way to vocational school, to work, and in your free time? Then the YoungTicketPLUS is just the thing for you!

To your ticket in 3 steps

  1. Complete the application
  2. Pick up the stamp
  3. Submit your subscription request

It’s more than just a ticket

Whether you need to get to your job, to school, or to meet up with friends: the YoungTicketPLUS lets you travel comfortably and environmentally friendly.

You don’t have to search long for a ticket but can start right away with the all-round carefree package for bus and train.

Your YoungTicketPLUS offers you these advantages:


  • Use the entire VRR around the clock.

    As often and as much as you want.

  • Take someone with you!

    You can be out together on weekdays from 7 p.m. onwards, and all day on weekends and bank holidays.

  • Take your bike with you all day.

  • If you are more than 20 minutes late, you are eligible for the mobility guarantee.

How much is it?

The YoungTicketPLUS is available as an economic subscription ticket or as a monthly pass. Travel not only environmentally friendly, but also economically with bus and train and your YoungTicketPLUS.

Our recommendation Ticket prices for YoungTicketPLUS Abo
Price level YoungTicketPLUS Abo
D 71,10 €
Ticket prices for YoungTicketPLUS
Price level YoungTicketPLUS
D 83,70 €

Ticket versions

The YoungTicketPLUS is available as a low-cost subscription ticket or as a monthly pass. The subscription gives you the ticket at a lower price. You can have it at hand at all times and are able to terminate it at any time. The YoungTicketPLUS monthly pass has the same advantages for you as the subscription. Buy the monthly pass every month at your transport company’s sales office.


Period of validity of monthly passes 2021

Termination possible at any time

You can cancel your YoungTicketPLUS subscription at any time at the end of the month. A cancellation fee will not be charged. The subscription period is extended by another month unless the transport company receives notice of cancellation by the last day of the current month.


Cancellation request subscription

A boy

Who it’s for

  • Trainees
  • Students without semester ticket
  • Interns
  • Volunteers
  • Participants in a voluntary service
  • Master students

Travelling beyond the VRR

A girl and a boy are waiting for the bus at the bus stop

The VRR area is too small for you? Book the NRWupgradeAzubi to supplement your YoungTicketPLUS subscription. As a supplement to the YoungTicketPLUS subscription, it extends the area of validity for travelling throughout NRW. YoungTicketPLUS subscribers pay an additional 20 euros per month on top of the subscription price for the NRW supplement. The NRWupgradeAzubi is only available from the transport company from which you also purchased the YoungTicketPLUS.

Are you taking out a new YoungTicketPLUS subscription? You can book the NRWupgrade right away.

Please note: The YoungTicketPLUS companion rule does not extend to tickets throughout NRW. You may only take your bike and one other person with you while staying within the VRR.

How to get your ticket

  1. Complete the application
  2. Pick up the stamp
  3. Submit your subscription request
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Do you have any questions?

Visit the nearest sales office and ask us your questions.

We will be happy to answer them!

Do you have questions about your existing subscription? Please contact the transport company with which you have concluded the contract. It is stated on the back of your YoungTicketPLUS.

To the closest sales office All transport companies