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Tariff zones, regions & fare categories

Tariff zones, cells and short journeys form the basis for calculating prices in the network area. A tariff zone generally comprises a city or several small towns / districts and is constituted of one of more cells. Each connection within the VRR area is allocated a price category. In addition to short journeys there are the price categories A, B, C and D. Children under the age of seven generally travel for free. Discounted ticket prices are available for children from the ages of seven to 14.

VRR operating area

VRR fare categories

Short trips

With a Kurzstrecken-Ticket (short trip ticket) you can generally travel up to three stations or 1.5 kilometres away. They are valid for 20 minutes from the time of validation, and are exclusively for direct trips. You may only use short trip tickets in buses, trams and underground railways (U-Bahn), however not on regional express trains (RE), regional trains (RB), or urban railways (S-Bahn).

Fare category A

Fare category A is generally valid for trips within a city or town.
A1 in smaller cities and towns
A2 in eleven larger towns and cities with good public transport networks: Duisburg, Gelsenkirchen, Hagen, Herne, Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, Mülheim, Neuss/Kaarst, Oberhausen, Remscheid, Solingen
A3 in five large cities with very dense and high-quality local transport service: Bochum, Dortmund, Essen, Düsseldorf und Wuppertal

Fare category B

In fare category B, select a central fare zone from which you can travel into the directly adjacent fare zones. Note that the central fare zone does not need to be the fare zone in which you reside.

Fare category C

Fare category C covers moderate travel distances. You can choose between 19 different regions within the VRR network.

Fare category D

With tickets of fare category D, you can travel anywhere within the entire VRR network.

Travelling into the Netherlands

The VRR, Europe’s transport association with the largest number of residents, borders the Netherlands and maintains near-distance travel connections to our neighbouring country as well. The network tariff is valid for the lines between our transport region and Venlo, Nijmegen, and Arnhem. Anyone interested can find information in Dutch about border-crossing connections in the following brochure.

Brochure: Travelling into the Netherlands/ Met het VRR comfortabel naar het buurland

Tariff basics

The VRR-tariff is not available within the Dutch regions, however. It only applies to the transfer between the VRR and the adjacent Dutch towns.

You generally can enter the Dutch tariff regions if they are included in the specified application area. Time or monthly tickets with the network-wide price level D also let you travel into the Dutch regions. Monthly tickets of price levels A, B, or C may not go all the way there. In that case, you can book an additional ticket per journey for your trip.

BarTarif tickets merely need to be purchased in the respective required price level from start to destination. The flat-rate tickets of the NRW tariff are valid in the transition area as well.

Disabled person’s passes are only valid within the Federal Republic of Germany – i.e. only up to the last station within the VRR. A VRR ticket of the respective required price level (e.g. price level A from Nettetal Kaldenkirchen) can be used from there.

Passengers can find more information on fares within the Netherlands on the website www.9292.nl (also available in English).

[Translate to English:] Fahrten in die Niederlande

Information on journeys to Arnhem

  • Available line: RE 19 (Düsseldorf - Duisburg - Oberhausen - Dinslaken - Wesel - Arnhem)
  • There are ticket vending machines in Arnhem Centraal or Zevenaar.
  • The journey to Arnhem is included in the regional VRR semester ticket for the region “North”.
  • A semester ticket from the region “South” must be supplemented with an additional ticket.
  • Holders of a VRR NRW semester ticket do not need any additional ticket

Information on journeys to Venlo

  • Available lines: RE 13 (Hamm – Unna – Hagen – Wuppertal – Düsseldorf – Mönchengladbach – Viersen – Venlo) and 929 (Duisburg main station – Moers – Straelen – Venlo)
  • There are two Transdev/Abellio ticket vending machines in the Venlo train station that offer VRR tickets. There also is a validator for existing BarTarif tickets
  • Regional VRR semester tickets of the North and South regions also cover the journey to Venlo (but the NRW-SemesterTicket does not)
  • The VRR tariff continues to take customers to Venlo and allows use of the buses operated by Arriva in Venlo. Journeys within Venlo that are operated by the traffic company Arriva, which operates town transport in Venlo, exclusively, continue to be subject to the Dutch tariff.

Information on journeys to Nijmegen

  • Available line: SB 58 (Emmerich – Kleve – Kranenburg – Nijmegen Centraal Station – Nijmegen, HAN)
  • The ticket can be purchased right from the bus driver.
  • Nijmegen is part of the regional VRR semester ticket for the region “North”
  • A semester ticket from the region “South” must be supplemented with an additional ticket
  • Holders of a VRR NRW semester ticket do not need any additional ticket
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