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How to buy tickets

Buy your ticket on the spot, at a ticket machine or online. You can purchase tickets for your journey by bus and train at around 3,800 locations in the VRR area: In the customer centers and sales offices of the transportation companies, in private sales offices, from drivers, around the clock at our ticket vending machines, and online, e.g. as a HandyTicket via the apps of the associations and transportation companies, the DB Navigator, and the Mobil.NRW app.

Online: At the TicketShop of your choice

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You can purchase the appropriate ticket for the desired connection directly via the following shops:

In vehicle

When boarding, the passenger must have a ticket valid for the entire journey. If not, he or she must buy it immediately and without being asked to do so. Tickets can always be purchased in buses, and in some vehicles of the railway companies or city railways and trams, tickets can be purchased from mobile ticket vending machines or from the driver.

Single, day and additional tickets are always available from the driver directly in the vehicle. You can find out whether other ticket variants are also offered directly from the transport company operating the line. The ticket must be stamped before you start your journey if it has not already been purchased validated. Validators for this purpose can be found in all buses and trams, on platforms or platform accesses.

To vending machines

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Tickets can be purchased from ticket machines around the clock. As a rule, you will find vending machines at every major stop, especially at railway stations and public transport interchanges. Transdev Vertrieb GmbH ticket vending machines offer both local and long-distance tickets. You will also find mobile ticket vending machines in some vehicles.

Please note that some vending machines dispense tickets that have already been validated and that stock purchases are therefore not possible. Not every ticket variant can be purchased from vending machines and the ticket ranges of the individual devices differ. As different types of machines are generally used, it is not possible to provide an overview of the operating methods here.

For more information on the range of tickets and how to use them, please contact the transport company that operates the ticket vending machine (you can recognise the respective transport company by its logo).

Vending machine defect

Responsibility for vending machines, vending machine faults and refunds lies with the company that operates the vending machines. You can recognise the company responsible by the company logo on the vending machine.


Sales offices

At the sales offices of the local transport companies in the VRR area, you can find out about tickets and season tickets and also buy, change or conclude them. You can make enquiries about timetable information or individual lines of the transport companies here in personal contact. On our website, you can find the nearest sales office of your local transport company in the VRR area for individual cities.

You can obtain part of the ticket range from local sales outlets and private sales outlets, such as a kiosk or a lottery sales outlet. For ticket advice or to take out a subscription, please contact a sales office of your local transport company. You can find the addresses of the sales partners on the websites of your local transport company.

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