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The new VRR app

Ticket range and ticket purchase

In the VRR app you can buy:

  •     Single tickets (EinzelTicket)
  •     4-journey tickets (4erTicket)
  •     4-hour tickets (4-StundenTicket)
  •     Short trip tickets (Kurzstrecken-Ticket)
  •     Additional tickets (ZusatzTicket)

There are also tickets which are only available in the VRR App and online:

  •     10-journey tickets (10erTicket)
  •     Happy hours tickets (HappyHourTicket)
  •     24/48 hour tickets (24-/48-StundenTicket)
  •     7-day tickets (7-TageTicket)
  •     30-day tickets (30-TageTicket)

This is how buying a ticket works

You can buy bus and train tickets directly from the VRR app. To purchase a ticket you need a customer account with Rheinbahn AG. That’s because the transport company transacts billing with the passenger using HandyTicket Deutschland. Register in just a few steps and you can use the purchase function in the VRR app.

Select the desired the ticket in the ticket shop and pay easily with your bank card, by direct debit, pay-as-you-go or paypal. Tickets are valid for travel immediately after purchase. Where a 10-journey or 4-journey ticket is purchased, the first journey is already automatically validated.

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