The illustration shows the landmarks of the Ruhr-Area. A bus, a train and people waiting for them are placed in the front

The VRR - an overview

The Rhine-Ruhr Public Transport Association (VRR) is one of the largest transport associations in Europe. As a modern service company we fulfil various different roles in local public transport on the Rhine, the Ruhr and the Wupper.

The Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR)

The VRR and its duties

As an modern service provider, the Rhine-Ruhr Public Transport Association has been working with countless partners to shape local public passenger transport in the region since 1980. We secure the mobility of the 7.8 million citizens in our transport region, providing cost-effective local public passenger transport services that meet their needs. In our capacity as a public authority responsible for regional rail passenger transport, we are in charge of transportation on the tracks. As part of our network duties we organise local transport in 16 cities with district status and seven districts. Great demands will be placed on the local public transport of the future. That is why we promote investment plans which improve local transport for people in the region.