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eezy: the eTariff for public transport

eezy is the electronic fare that is calculated simply by your journey. It allows you to start your bus and train journey spontaneously and pay directly with your smartphone. How does it work? A check-in and check-out system calculates the fare based on the shortest distance between the start and destination stops - for all stops in NRW!

eezy is celebrating its birthday and we're giving you a present!

We have come up with something special for eezy's second birthday: From 1 to 31 December, public transport customers can take one additional person with them on their eezy ticket free of charge. This applies per person and journey throughout NRW. The second person does not have to be checked in!

We have summarised what you need to know about the promotion in our FAQ summarised.

A happy couple stroll through the Christmas market
2 for 1 promotion: Take your favourite person for free on buses and trains, whether to the Christmas market or ice skating. eezy makes it possible throughout NRW in December!

eezy on the road in the VRR!

eezy im VRR unterwegs!

Check in. Drive off. Check out and only pay for the linear kilometres - eezy, how easy is that?

  • Knowledge about tariffs? You can forget it.

    By calculating the linear kilometers travelled, you only pay for the route you actually travel and automatically always have the right ticket with you.

  • Paper ticket? There is no such thing.

    After checking in, a ticket is created as a QR code for the journey in the VRR app.

  • Cash? You don't need it.

    When you register in the store, you enter your means of payment - eezy.nrw automatically uses this to settle the costs after the journey.

  • Pay too much? Not with eezy!

    You never pay more than 49 euros a month - after that you travel for free in NRW for the rest of the month.

Download the VRR app now and you're ready to go eezy.

  1. Register in one of our ticket shops in the VRR app.
  2. Use the check-in button to start your journey before boarding at the stop.
  3. During the journey, the app records the distance travelled.
  4. At a ticket inspection, show the QR code in the app.
  5. When you arrive at your destination, get off and check out again. The app automatically calculates the price for the journey based on the shortest distance.
Die Grafik zeigt den Button
The graphic shows the check-in button in the VRR app

How does eezy work?

Why eezy is the right ticket for you


  • Often cheaper than a comparable single ticket in the VRR
  • You never pay more than 49 euros per month
  • Check-In / Check-Out directly via VRR App
  • Can be used throughout NRW
  • No need to buy tickets at ticket machines or on the bus


  • Must be purchased before travelling
  • Valid in the respective area of validity up to the desired stop
  • Any change (not for round trips and return journeys) between all means of local transport (except short distance)


What you need to know about the 2 for 1 offer:

During the 2 for 1 promotion, one person can travel free of charge per check-in/check-out process. This applies to the maximum distance travelled by the main user. Shorter journeys are possible.

No, the person travelling free of charge will not be checked in to eezy. A subsequent refund due to an inadvertent check-in is excluded.

The promotion is valid from 01.12.2023 to 31.12.2023, all day.

The offer applies to the entire area of validity of the NRW-eezy fare.

The offer is only valid for journeys in 2nd class.

No, this is not possible. Only one person can be taken along free of charge per check-in process. All other persons must also be checked in.

Do you have general questions about eezy?Then take a look at our FAQ

Click here to open the FAQs for eezy VRR!