The advantageous subscription ticket for active people over 60

You are over 60, adventurous, and want to be flexibly mobile? Then the BärenTicket is just the thing for you!

To your ticket in 2 steps

  1. Complete the application
  2. Submit your subscription request

More than a ticket

Whether you want to go shopping, to appointments in the city, to your job, or simply out into the countryside: the BärenTicket will let you travel comfortably in an environmentally friendly manner by bus and train.


    How much is it?

    The BärenTicket is available as a low-priced subscription ticket. This means you can travel by bus and train in an environmentally friendly manner and at low cost around the clock.

    Our recommendation Ticket prices for BärenTicket
    Price level BärenTicket
    D 106,20 €

    Termination possible at any time

    You can cancel your BärenTicket subscription at any time at the end of the month. A cancellation fee will not be charged. The subscription period is extended by another month unless the transport company receives notice of cancellation by the last day of the current month.

    Cancel your ticket

    Who it's for

    • For everyone from 60 years onwards

    Travelling beyond the VRR

    Ticket prices 2nd class 1st class
    Adult 7,20 € 10,80 €
    Child 3,60 € 5,40 €

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    FahrradTagesTicket NRW

    If you would like to take your bike with you on buses and trains beyond the VRR network boundaries, then the FahrradTagesTicket NRW for 5.10 euros is just the thing for you.


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    Do you have any questions?

    Visit the nearest sales office and ask your questions.

    We will gladly advise you!

    Do you have questions about your existing subscription? Please contact the transport company with which you have concluded your contract. It is stated on the back of your BärenTicket

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