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The FlexSozial keeps you mobile at much lower prices throughout the VRR area comfortably using your smartphone. Payment of a monthly basic fee will allow you to purchase any number of single tickets in any price level at a discount of 50%.

Who can join?

The ticket is available digitally for you if, for example, you

  • receive unemployment benefits II and social benefits (SGB II)
  • receive social security payments (SGB XII) - recipient of housing allowance
  • are eligible for benefits under SGB VIII
  • are eligible for benefits under the Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act, 


  • are eligible for benefits under the Federal Pensions Act.

Find out if you're eligible or not while talking to a contact person at your city hall. They will also give you the certificate of eligibility, if possible.

How to get your FlexSozial

  1. Download the VRR App to your smartphone. You can find it in the App Store (iOS) and in the Google Playstore (Android).
  2. Register in the ticket shop with your details and store a payment option. The stored payment option will be used to pay for both your monthly basic fee and any later single tickets (FlexSozial). The selected payment option can be changed at any time in the app settings.
  3. Purchase your first single ticket (FlexSozial) in the ticket shop. This purchase will start your FlexSozial subscription at the same time. The FlexSozial at a price of 2.90 euros will be added once in the shipping basket in addition to the single ticket (FlexSozial). All subsequent monthly fees will be debited directly via the payment option stored.

What it costs

The FlexSozial subscription will let you purchase any number of single tickets discounted by 50% in price levels K to D with a monthly basic fee of 2.90 euros.

List of prices (PDF) (75.78 KB - pdf)


The FlexSozial and any single tickets (FlexSozial) purchased via the ticket are personalised. They are only valid in combination with a valid picture ID and the certificate of eligibility. The purchased tickets cannot be passed on to any third parties. They are valid around the clock in their respective area of validity for all scheduled buses, XBuses, city train, RB, and RE train lines as well as for trams and underground trains.

Mobility guarantee

The mobility guarantee will apply to you in case of delays caused by traffic jams, parking issues, or vehicles and operating equipment problems. This applies if the local public transport you are trying to use is cancelled or departs from the departure stop with a delay of at least 20 minutes as compared to the timetable. You must switch to the alternative means of transport within 60 minutes. If you travel by IC/EC or ICE instead, or if you are taking a taxi or a sharing service (e.g., car, bike, e-trekker sharing, on-demand transport), we will reimburse up to 30.00 euros between 5:00 a.m. and 7:59 p.m. and up to 60.00 euros between 8:00 p.m. and 4:59 a.m. if you have a SozialTicket.

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One ZusatzTicket per ride will also let you use 1st class in the near-distance trains of the VRR.


The FahrradTicket will let you take along your bicycle in the entire VRR area. The FahrradTicket is valid for 24 hours, starting at the time of validation.