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Anywhere, any number of times: The new FlexTickets will let you save on every ride. They keep you flexibly mobile by bus and rail.


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FlexTickets are your digital discount card for bus and rail. They will let you conveniently purchase any number of discounted single tickets in price levels A, B, C, and D as well as bicycle tickets right with your smartphone. Choose the price level of the single tickets anew with every single purchase. This allows you to travel flexibly and at a reasonable price at all times.

  • Discounted & contact-free ticket purchase

  • Price levels can be flexibly changed between short distance, A, B, C, and D

  • Conveniently accessible via smartphone

  • A delay of 20 minutes or more will cause the mobility guarantee to kick in

How to get them

Buy the Flex25 or Flex35 right on your first ride together with a Flex-discounted single ticket. The 30-day term covered by your basic fee will only commence with your first ride. You can use the benefits right away.

Three steps to getting your Flex25 or Flex35:

1. Log in to the VRR app, find your ride in the information list and select your desired connection.

2. Select your Flex- discounted single ticket in the desired variation right away when buying your ticket.

3. The app will automatically detect whether you already have a Flex25 or Flex35 if you are logged in. Otherwise, the corresponding FlexTicket will be added right to your shopping cart. You can then check the basic fee and your first single ticket in the shopping basket and conveniently settle both together.

FlexTickets are available online only. They can be bought by smartphone exclusively. Download the VRR app now, sign up, and you’re ready to go!

Get the new VRR app directly on your smartphone:

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How to save money

FlexTickets are available in Flex25 and Flex35 and valid for 30 days. The two FlexTicket models offer benefits for carrying your bike on buses and trains in addition to discounted single tickets for a monthly basic fee. The Flex25 for €3.90 gives you a 25% discount on your single tickets and bike tickets. The Flex35 for €8.90 even gives you a 35% discount on the single tickets. Bicycles are already included here.

Flex35 - Our recommendation

Monthly basic fee 8,90€
EinzelTicket Flex35 (Short distance) 1,24€ (instead of 1,90€)
EinzelTicket Flex35 (Price level A1) 1,95€ (instead of 3,00€)
EinzelTicket Flex35 (Price level A2) 1,95€ (instead of 3,00€)
EinzelTicket Flex35 (Price level A3) 2,02€ (instead of 3,10€)
EinzelTicket Flex35 (Price level B) 4,16€ (instead of 6,40€)
EinzelTicket Flex35 (Price level C) 8,84€ (instead of 13,60€)
EinzelTicket Flex35 (Price level D) 10,73€ (instead of 16,50€)
FahrradTicket Flex35 Free of charge


Monthly basic fee 3,90€
EinzelTicket Flex25 (Short distance) 1,43€ (instead of 1,90€)
EinzelTicket Flex25 (Price level A1) 2,25€ (instead of 3,00€)
EinzelTicket Flex25 (Price level A2) 2,25€ (instead of 3,00€)
EinzelTicket Flex25 (Price level A3) 2,33€ (instead of 3,10€)
EinzelTicket Flex25 (Price level B) 4,80€ (instead of 6,40€)
EinzelTicket Flex25 (Price level C) 10,20€ (instead of 13,60€)
EinzelTicket Flex25 (Price level D) 12,38€ (instead of 16,50€)
FahrradTicket Flex25 2,85€

Example calculation

Work, errands, and leisure rides: This is what your month might look like with the Flex35

Price level Number of tickets Price of the single ticket with Flex35 Total price Savings
A3 4 1,95€ 7,80€ 4,20€
B 7 3,97€ 27,79€ 14,91€
C 5 8,45€ 42,25€ 22,75€
D 2 10,21€ 20,42€ 10,98€
Monthly basic fee 8,90€ 8,90€  
107,16€ 43,94€

The Flex35 would have saved you €43.94 for this month as compared to regular single tickets (€150.10). The difference is even greater if you are taking along your bike!

Available at any time

FlexTickets can be conveniently booked via the VRR and transport company apps and accessed by smartphone at any time. The basic fee is valid for 30 days and will renew automatically upon expiry. The basic fee will be debited from your account every month. FlexTickets can be terminated free of charge right in the app at any time. They are not subject to any minimum term. A terminated Flex25 or Flex35 will remain valid until the end of the current 30-day period. They can be easily re-booked at a later date.


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Target group

  • Remote workers
  • Part-time employees
  • Occasional travellers
  • Cyclists
  • Everyone who wants to travel flexibly
  • And everyone who wants to be environmentally compatible

Travel around VRR

Your price level is a key feature when travelling with your subscription ticket. The price level defines the area of validity of your ticket within the VRR area. It breaks down into price levels A (A1, A2, A3), B, C, and D.

Price level A usually is for rides within a city, with the size of the city and the available options determining whether you will need price level A1, A2, or A3.

Price level B lets you choose a central tariff zone from which you can then additionally travel at least to the ones directly adjacent to it. Remember that the central tariff zone does not need to be the one where you live.

Price level C will let you cover medium travel distances. You can choose from one of 19 different regions in the network area.

With tickets at price level D, you can travel throughout the entire network area.

 Click here to learn about tariff zones, regions, and price levels in the VRR! You can also contact your area’s local sales office

The VRR boundarys

Do you have any questions?

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Do you have any questions?

Check out our FAQ on the FlexTickets, where we have already answered the most frequently asked questions on FlexTickets. 

For more information, visit your nearest sales office to clarify your questions or use our free FlexTicket hotline on +49 800 6 504036. We will be happy to advise you! 

You have already booked a FlexTicket and still have some questions? Please contact the transport company with which you have signed your contract. 




The Flex25 is a new, personal subscription ticket of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr. It will be available from 03/01/2022 onwards. Flex25 is subject to a basic monthly fee of €3.90 and allows customers to buy discounted single tickets (-25%) for flexible use. The single tickets can be from any price level. You can choose the number and times of your rides per month. Customers will also receive a 25% discount on bicycle tickets.

The Flex35 is a new, personal subscription ticket of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr. It will be available from 03/01/2022 onwards. Flex35 is subject to a basic monthly fee of €8.90 and allows customers to buy discounted single tickets (-35%) for flexible use. The single tickets can be from any price level. You can choose the number and times of your rides per month. Customers also can carry bicycles for free on any ride.

You can buy as many single tickets per month as you wish. You can choose a different price level for each ride.

The two Flex options are subscriptions subject to a monthly basic fee of €3.90 and €8.90 respectively in order to gain access to the heavily discounted single tickets and discounted or free bike transport.

No, both Flex25 and Flex35 and any tickets purchased via FlexTickets are personal and only valid for you personally in conjunction with photo identification.

Yes, you can carry bicycles on either model. The Flex25 will give you a 25% discount on the bicycle ticket; the Flex35 already includes the bicycle ticket.

The Flex25 and Flex35 can be easily terminated on the website/in the app. The Flex25 or Flex35 will then only run until the end of the 30 calendar days.

The amount will be settled via the website/in the app using your chosen payment method right after your purchase.

You can choose a different price level for each single ticket. Flex25 and Flex35 can be applied to price levels A1, A2, A3, B, C, and D.

This depends on how often you travel in a month and at what price level. Only the basic fee will remain unchanged: It is €3.90 for the Flex25 and €8.90 for the Flex35.

For example, you would pay €42.40 in Flex25 in a month in which you travel 5 times in price level A3, twice in price level B and once in price level C, taking your bike with you on three of these trips. Flex35 even cuts the total down to €35.04. Without either subscription, you would be paying €51.30.

You can easily work out the price yourself: Basic fee + number of single tickets + number of bicycle tickets.


the price levels of the flexticket

Your basic fee will fall due when you purchase your first Flex25 or Flex35 single ticket. You will pay for this together with your first Flex single ticket.