Mobility for frequent travellers

  • Everyone
  • Zone of validity
    freely selectable
  • accompanying passengers*
    1 person, 3 children (6 - 14 years)
  • free bicycle transport in the selected zone of validity
  • Mobility guarantee **
  • validity
    throughout the VRR operating area
    Zu den Sonderzeiten:*

* M - F after 7 p.m.; all day long on weekends and public holidays

** Reimbursement of costs in case of delay: up to 50,00 Euro

Mobile day after day


Ticket information

number of people

one passenger

for whom?


period of validity

Around the clock in the selected zone of validity or fram 9 a.m.

personal ticket


transferable ticket


validation required




mobility guarantee

up to 50 Euro around the clock


extra people

M – F after 7 p.m.; all day long on weekends and public holidays: No extra charge for accompanying passengers, up to: 1 adult and 3 children (6 - 14 years)

bring your bike

Around the clock bicycle transport in the selected zone of validity*

*Generally: The VRR transport companies are happy to transport  your bicycle. However, in the interests of all passengers, this can depend on the  time of day, traffic conditions and the space available. Therefore please contact your transport company in advance regarding any rules and restrictions that might apply to bicycle transport.

expansion of transport network

M – F after 7 p.m.; all day long on weekends and public holidays

ticket variations

monthly ticket

Valid monthly, available at customer centres, distribution partners and automatic ticket machines.

subscription ticket

At least 12 months. You can save hard cash compared to a regular monthly pass.


Available online as a 30-day pass with a flexible starting date.

Ticket purchase

The perfect ticket to commute to work and to be mobile in your free time.

Download purchase document (PDF)

Ticket prices

Our recommendation Ticket prices for Ticket2000 Abo
Price levelTicket2000 Abo
A182,60 €
A287,40 €
A391,30 €
B127,50 €
C168,10 €
D210,30 €
Ticket prices for Ticket2000
Price levelTicket2000
A194,00 €
A299,40 €
A3103,80 €
B145,10 €
C191,20 €
D239,30 €
Ticket prices for Ticket2000 9 Uhr Abo
Price levelTicket2000 9 Uhr Abo
A161,80 €
A265,10 €
A367,80 €
B97,20 €
C126,70 €
D159,60 €
Ticket prices for Ticket2000 9 Uhr
Price levelTicket2000 9 Uhr
A170,30 €
A274,10 €
A377,10 €
B110,60 €
C144,10 €
D181,50 €

*Valid in the cities of Bochum, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal

Zusatzwertmarken / Add-ons for Ticket1000

Would you like to use the 1st class or the IC/EC? For Ticket2000 and Ticket2000 with subscription, there are also different monthly value added tickets (Zusatzwertmarken) depending on the price level.

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The ZusatzTicket expands the validity of your pass (you need one ZusatzTicket for each person,
journey and supplemental use).

  • from M - F until 7 p.m.: Expansion of the zone of validity to the entire VRR operating area.
  • Bicycle transport of the accompanying passenger.
  • 1st class travel.