The DeutschlandTicket Sozial is coming!

Would you like to benefit from Germany-wide travel by bus and train? Then you have the option of subscribing to the DeutschlandTicket Sozial for 39 euros a month from the transport companies in VRR from 01.12.2023.

What you need to know about DeutschlandTicket Sozial

You already have a SozialTicket as a subscription or as a monthly travel pass, but would like to subscribe to the DeutschlandTicket Sozial from 1.12.2023? Please contact your local transport company and apply there for the DeutschlandTicket Sozial for 39 euros per month as a subscription.

You will receive the DeutschlandTicket Sozial if you, for example

  • Recipients of unemployment benefit II and social benefit (SGB II)
  • Recipients of social assistance (SGB XII)
  • Recipients of housing benefit
  • Recipients of benefits according to SGB VIII
  • Entitled to benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act
  • Recipients of benefits under the Federal Benefits Act (Bundesversorgungsgesetz)

You are not sure whether you are entitled to the DeutschlandTicket Sozial? Ask directly at your local authority in your city. There you will also receive the necessary proof of entitlement (carrier card) or a notice for the acquisition of a DeutschlandTicket Sozial.

With this proof of entitlement, you can obtain the DeutschlandTicket Sozial from your transport company. The amount of 39 euros will then be automatically debited from your account every month. You no longer need to worry about anything and are mobile around the clock.

With the DeutschlandTicket Sozial you can use all local transport vehicles throughout Germany, i.e. buses, trams, city trains and underground trains as well as suburban trains, regional trains and regional express trains in 2nd class. The ticket is not valid for long-distance travel (e.g. ICE, IC, EC), and the use of private providers such as FlixTrain is also excluded.

You will receive the ticket on chip card as a monthly cancellable subscription at an introductory price of € 39 per month.

Mobility guarantee

If there are delays due to traffic jams, parking problems or malfunctions in vehicles and operating equipment, you can benefit from the so-called mobility guarantee. This applies if your chosen means of local transport is cancelled or leaves at least 20 minutes later than indicated in the timetable.

You must change to the alternative means of transport within 60 minutes. If you travel by IC/EC or ICE instead, or by taxi or a sharing service (e.g. car, bike, e-trekker sharing, on-demand transport), we will reimburse you up to 30.00 euros between 5 a.m. and 7.59 p.m. and up to 60.00 euros between 8 p.m. and 4.59 a.m. with a DeutschlandTicket Sozial.

Do you have any questions about the DeutschlandTicket Sozial? Then find out more in our FAQ.

Further information:

Order form DeutschlandTicket Sozial (140 KB - PDF)

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The FAQ's will be updated continuously.