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DeutschlandTicket – The German-wide ticket for near-distance public transport

The DeutschlandTicket has arrived! The digital ticket for near-distance public transport (Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr; ÖPNV) anywhere in Germany is the new offering for near-distance transport. It is available comfortably in the VRR App as a subscription that can be terminated every month, at an introductory price of 49 euros per month.

Bye, bye NRW: The DeutschlandTicket for 49 euros!

With the DeutschlandTicket, the federal and state governments want to make it easier for citizens throughout Germany to switch to environmentally and climate-friendly public transport and provide financial relief for commuters in particular in the face of rising fuel and energy prices. Since 1 May 2023, local transport customers have been able to use the new ticket to easily travel on local public transport buses and trains in Germany.

You have not yet purchased a DeutschlandTicket? The quickest and easiest way is to purchase it in the VRR app from the comfort of your own home or fill out the order form and visit the customer centre of your transport company in person.

Get the new VRR app directly on your smartphone:

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General information

The DeutschlandTicket was created as a permanent nationwide subscription ticket as part of the federal government's third relief package. In view of the positive response to the 9-euro ticket, which was temporarily available in summer 2022 as part of a campaign initiative, the DeutschlandTicket is intended to ease the burden of rising energy and fuel costs on mobile people. It is considered an environmentally friendly "flat rate for regional transport". This allows people in NRW to discover not only their federal state but the whole of Germany by public transport.

The DeutschlandTicket is only available as a subscription. If you no longer need it, the DeutschlandTicket can be cancelled free of charge by the 10th of each month to the end of the month.

The DeutschlandTicket is always valid for the current calendar month, can be cancelled monthly and can be cancelled free of charge by the 10th of each month to the end of the month.

The DeutschlandTicket has been valid since 1 May 2023 and is available via the VRR app.

It is not limited to a specific promotional period, but is intended as a permanent offer to relieve the burden on citizens - also to sustainably promote the transport transition towards climate-friendly mobility.

The ticket costs 49 euros per month. It is valid from the first day of the month from which you start the subscription. Don't be alarmed by the term subscription, because the ticket can be cancelled monthly. If you no longer need it, the DeutschlandTicket can be cancelled free of charge by the 10th of each month to the end of the month. If you do not cancel, it will be renewed and charged monthly.

Example: If you no longer wish to use the DeutschlandTicket from September, cancel it by 10 August with the transport company from which you purchased it or in the app by clicking the cancellation button.

The DeutschlandTicket is valid nationwide in all transport associations and with all local transport companies. You can use it on all local transport vehicles, i.e. buses, trams, city trains and underground trains as well as S-Bahn trains, regional trains and 2nd class regional express trains. The ticket is not valid on long-distance services (e.g. ICE, IC, EC), and private providers such as FlixTrain are also excluded.

You can buy the DeutschlandTicket in NRW as a digital version with the app for your smartphone or as a chip card in the customer centre of your transport company. It is not available from ticket machines.

The DeutschlandTicket is available in VRR via these shops/apps:

Supplements, carry-over rules, transferability

VRR offers the 1st class monthly ticket and the 1st class subscription ticket for €50.30 per month for 1st class use. It allows you to use 1st class on local trains in the VRR. It is valid in conjunction with the DeutschlandTicket or another season ticket. You can use 1st class throughout the VRR or subscribe to the NRWupgrade 1st class for 75.20 euros per month and use 1st class on local trains throughout NRW.

View the infographic (167 KB - pdf) now and find out about the upgrade options!

The DeutschlandTicket does not include bicycle transport. If you want to take a bike with you regularly, you can buy the new monthly bike ticket for the VRR area or subscribe to the NRWupgrade bike for €42.50 per month and take your bike with you on buses and trains throughout NRW.

It is valid in conjunction with the DeutschlandTicket or another subscription ticket. If you only want to take a bike with you from time to time, the VRR FahrradTicket, which is valid for 24 hours, is sufficient.

Call up the infographic (167 KB - pdf) now and find out about extension options!

The DeutschlandTicket does not include passenger transport. Accompanying persons under the age of six can travel free of charge, as children only need their own ticket from the age of six.

Children under the age of six travel free of charge. Children over the age of six require their own ticket.

Dog transport is always free of charge in the VRR area and in NRW. In other regions, there may be different regulations for taking dogs with you. Please enquire in advance depending on the route you are travelling.

No, the DeutschlandTicket, in the app or as a chip card, is personalised and cannot be passed on. Only you are authorised to travel with the ticket. You must always carry a photo ID with you.

Yes, journeys to the Netherlands (e.g. Venlo or Arnhem) are still possible. You can use the following lines:

  • RE 13 (Hamm - Unna - Hagen - Wuppertal - Düsseldorf - Mönchengladbach - Viersen - Venlo)
  • RE 19 (Düsseldorf Hbf - Duisburg - Oberhausen - Dinslaken - Wesel - Bocholt / Emmerich - Emmerich-Elten - Zevenaar - Arnhem)
  • SB 58 (Emmerich Bf - Nijmegen HAN)
  • Bus route 29 (Neukirchen - Vl. Vluyner Südring - Straelen - Venlo)
  • Bus route 60 (Kleve Bf - Millingen de Gelderse Poort)
  • Bus route 91 (Emmerich Bf - 's-Heerenberg Molenpoort)

For journeys that are made exclusively within the Dutch territories or that go beyond the lines just mentioned, the Dutch fare continues to apply. The DeutschlandTicket is only valid on the above lines.


For students, the NRW semester ticket with nationwide validity will be retained for the time being. In addition, students in the VRR can pay an optional surcharge of €12.33 to top up their DeutschlandTicket.

The federal and state governments agreed on a cheaper DeutschlandTicket for students in November 2023,and students in NRW are expected to be able to use this attractive ticket to travel on public transport buses and trains throughout Germany from the 2024 summer semester. The semester ticket will be available for 29.40 euros per month. More information will follow soon.

With the launch of the DeutschlandTicket, the "DeutschlandTicket Job" model will also be introduced at the same time: With an employer subsidy of 25 per cent or more on the issue price of 49 euros, transport companies grant a discount of five per cent on the issue price. For customers, this results in a final price of just 34.30 euros per month or less. Employers can contact their respective transport company if they are interested.

Since 1 December 2023, the DeutschlandTicket Sozial has been available in the VRR for just 39 euros per month.

Since 1 August 2023, there has been a DeutschlandTicket for pupils in NRW for just 29 euros per month. You can find out from your transport company whether your school authority or school is participating. For all others, the SchokoTicket will remain the same.

Since 1 May 2023, a monthly price cap of €49 has also applied to our innovative eezy tariff. Once this limit is reached, you can travel for free throughout NRW for the rest of the month.

If your existing Ticket1000, Ticket2000, BärenTicket or YoungTicketPLUS has not yet been converted to a DeutschlandTicket by your transport company, please contact your transport company.

Carry-on regulations that are included in your existing season ticket cannot be transferred when switching to the DeutschlandTicket. Alternatively, you can continue to use your existing season ticket.

Further information

You can find all the answers to the questions about data protection on the eTicket website.

If buses or trains are delayed by 20 minutes or more or cancelled altogether, the NRW mobility guarantee applies to local transport in North Rhine-Westphalia. This service also applies to people travelling on NRW local transport with a Deutschlandticket. The NRW mobility guarantee only applies to journeys within the North Rhine-Westphalian network and community tariffs and the NRW tariff.

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