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DeutschlandTicket – The German-wide ticket for near-distance public transport

The DeutschlandTicket has arrived! The digital ticket for near-distance public transport (Öffentlicher Personennahverkehr; ÖPNV) anywhere in Germany is the new offering for near-distance transport. It is available comfortably in the VRR App as a subscription that can be terminated every month, at an introductory price of 49 euros per month.

The DeutschlandTicket for 49 euros!

With the DeutschlandTicket, the Federal Republic and the states are striving to facilitate switching to the environmentally and climate friendly near-distance public transport for citizens, and to specifically offer financial relief to commuters in the face of risen fuel and energy prices. Since 1 May 2023, customers in near-distance transport have been able to use any near-distance public transport bus or train in Germany.

You don’t have a DeutschlandTicket subscription yet? The fastest and simplest way is subscribing in the VRR App, comfortably from home. you can also complete the order form and come to the KundenCenter of your transport company in person.

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What is the DeutschlandTicket?